How To Order

You will find many products illustrating my artwork on Fine Art America. In a sense, we become collaborators as you apply your product choice and presentation preferences to my original work. What is especially fun are the choices you make developing your piece of art. To help you get acquainted with the process, here are some tips:

Get Started in the Gallery
In the Gallery here on my website, select a painting and follow the link to Fine Art America.

Right Column
Here are products that can be printed. Select a product. Most of the products are straightforward in how to order them. Because Framed Prints have quite a few choices, I have outlined below how to order them. I also provided some tips in ordering greeting cards.

Framed Prints
Because framed prints have many options to choose from, I am spelling out the possibilities.

Print Size
Choose from 8×8” to 30×30.” Some paintings will only be available in smaller sizes such as 24×24.”

Natural (the painting as is)

Frame colors – select most popular, then select your frame

Select color
Select width
Optional – select a second mat

8 types to choose from. Archival Matte Paper is recommended.

Check Your Design Decisions
1) The image of your painting will be above.
2) 4 boxes on lower left (or under image) summarize your choices.
3) View your art on your wall using your mobile phone. Look for the drawing of a handheld mobile phone for step-by-step instructions. This really works! I was confused about lining up the white line. It should be aligned with the baseboard on the wall you plan to hang your art.

Greeting Cards
Quantity – select the number of cards you want using the same image.
Orientation – Horizontal or vertical.
Image size – Use the slider to determine image size.
Include a message (optional)